We are a volunteer organization that wants to help the people in our community live a better life.  My name is Darlene Bettelyoun and I am the Elementary Computer Teacher at Loneman school.We have an enrollment of 360 students.  I am married to an Oglala Sioux enrolled member and have lived in South Dakota for 37 years.  I am of Yakima decent.

      My daughter Lynn, is an Oglala Sioux enrolled member, and works as a bus driver and a Middle School computer teacher at Loneman school, here in Oglala, enrollment is approx 360 students

      We take periodic trips to the neighboring town of Chadron, NE (32 miles) and purchase foodstuffs for the families, with Wal-Mart gift cards that have been donated by caring people over the Internet.

We are no longer able to post Emergency needs and Needs,Elders of the month, Grandmothers of the month, Due to our long hours of work that we recently took on. We will have give aways when our donators come out, otherwise we will have the items stored here at our place for our community people to come out and get what they need. We have spread the word to our community and our people know they are more then welcome to come out and get what they need.